Frequently Asked Questions

What is Damru?

Damru is an annual cultural and technical fest organized by Rishihood University

When is Damru?

The fest will be held from 2nd March to 5th March 2024.

Where is Damru?

Damru is held at Rishihood University's campus in Sonipat, Harayana, India.

Who can participate in Damru?

Damru is open to all students, both from within and outside of Rishihood University.

What are the events in Damru?

Damru has a wide range of events, including technical, cultural, and sports events.

How many participants attend Damru?

Damru typically attracts a footfall of over 45,000 participants from across the country.

How can I register for Damru?

You can register for Damru by clickinghere.

How can I contact Damru?

You can contact the Organizing team of Damru by clicking here.

How can I get updates about Damru?

You can get updates about Damru here on it's official website and by following us on our social media handles.

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